acrylic, print on foil, PVC

Part of exhibition Poland of our dreams
curated by Michalina Sablik, Aleksandra Liput

“We dream about Poland where nothing is impossible to accomplish. Where everyone will finally be able to always think and say that WE CAN. And we firmly believe that such Poland will come. Poland, and Polish people deserve more. Their dreams can come true; They MUST come true. Poland of our dreams is possible and achievable. Polish people have the right to dream, and we will cherish and safeguard this right.

What does the Leader dream of? What does ‘Adrian, currently in a relationship’ – the subject of Michal Sosinski’s work – fantasise about? Are some people’s dreams privileged over those of others? Can collective dreams even exist at all? Can dreams be imposed or enforced? Borrowed or learned? What should we dream about in the context of today’s overwhelming uncertainties? Are naïve dreams of a colorful, socially emancipated, prude-free society by default politicised? And are we actually certain that we really want all our deepest dreams and wishes to materialise?”

Photos by Bartosz Górka